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Tales from the crypt ritual online dating

The book also details the appearance of Drayven Indoril, with whom she has a brief affair with and results in the Staff of Chaos being stolen.Due to strained relations between Morrowind and the Empire, Barenziah travels to the Imperial City to speak with the Emperor, during which she gains an inkling of suspicious towards his true identity, and eventually proof.Sometimes mutual attraction isn't even required before our hero or heroine winds up frog-marched to the chapel.

Whoops, didn't quite turn out like you figured, eh? The traditional Shotgun Wedding (replete with gun-toting relatives) is a common staple of comedies set in rural, "hillbilly" areas.

Nowadays, a "shotgun wedding" seldom involves actual firearms; the phrase is a euphemistic way to refer to any marriage that occurs upon learning that the bride is pregnant.

(When characters in older media talk about "having" to get married, this is what they mean.) The parents may not be incensed nor the prospective groom unwilling, but there is still a sense of compulsion involved, since the couple may not have married so soon — or at all — if not for the unexpected pregnancy.

In this day and age, however, the mother is seen much more sympathetically in this scenario, and the father can remain in good graces too as long as the he comes to an arrangement with the mother to raise their child(ren).

However, this is still Truth in Television for more socially conservative parts of the world.

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If the wedding effectively happened when the groom (or bride) wasn't looking, it's an Accidental Marriage.