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I'm trying to get hold of the document itself, I was taking someone's word that the preamble wasn't there.

Edit: It's ok, I've found the preamble, "should" means a person is "encouraged" to do something while "must" and "shall" mean they are required to do it.

Still love the only "legal" way to carry in New Britain is to open carry.

Funny as hell (yet sad for us at the same time) to read some ordinance legislation.

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It should not be in any legal agreement or contract. Town ordinances are often written by people with ZERO experience with firearms. "The Governor" 3/11/2013 All the rules of Darwinism do still apply!I was just checking to see if there was some obsolete or arcane difference and thought the source of the linked article amusing.On a similar note ( which probably doesnt warrant its own thread ) in fuel stations in the UK there is always a not saying it is 'unlawful' to use the pump under the age 16 - amongst other things. The rules of the air in Australia are set out in a number of regulations.

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I found Newington's rather interesting as it did not provide lawful self defense as an exemption. FIREARMS [HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Newington as indicated in article histories. Air Guns and Rifles [Adopted 5-5-1960 ( 9-2 of the 1974 Code)] 231-1. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer or expose for sale or to discharge in the Town any air gun, air rifle or similar device in which the explosive or impelling force is compressed or condensed air or gas. ----------- What you see is the fringe of the fringe showing up in Hartford today." - Danny Malloy a.k.a.