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Liberal online dating

Additionally, they found that users in counties who voted for Trump were more active on their site than counties where Clinton won the popular, who has always been the best at continuously gathering data and sharing it with the public, chimed in two weeks ago with their own broader findings surveying 270,000 participants.I firmly believe that had any of the other 16 Republican candidates won, it wouldn’t have affected dating or most of our other social conventions.However, the character of our 45 president has brought the ugliness of peoples heart out into the open.I chose a popular online dating site I never use, and instead stating my political views in the profile itself, I created a statement with my username,“No Kiss4Trump Fans.”I kept the new profile up for 36 hours.

One man spewed the word “Liberal” to me multiple times as if he were calling a bad name.Today’s republican is a different hybrid than the ones we had prior to 2015.We live in Trump’s America now and it’s a new world many of us don’t recognize.As both a single woman and Dating Coach, who decidedly didn’t date during election season, I am constantly trying to understand and process repeated new challenges when it comes to Modern Dating.Naively, I thought that it would get better once the election was over, and perhaps it would have been if the election itself hadn’t turned out to be an “Us versus Them” world now.

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I’m also the adoptive mother of black teenagers, one of whom is gay and another who is special needs, a lot of the unhinged hate speech of the president feels personal.

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