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Fabulousdating com

I found it 11 years ago, when I was desperately looking for Escada Margaretha Ley. I remember I definitely got crazy for its sexy, spicy, fizzy and exotic notes, and I got crazy as well when, after few months, I realized Versus Donna Versace was almost impossible to find. Now I don't remember very well the main notes of Versus Donna, so I cannot analyze it very well... Donna Versus is all about roses and rasberry....actually raspberry and aldehydes turn it into a dark red almost black rose.I only hope to find it somewhere, because it has been a great lost for my nose and for my skin! This is a "cold beauty" scent, dark sexy and mysterious.Is that possible, or just my memory is wrong as come to think of it I was wearing it 20 years ago....As a teeenager, I had a deep seated belief that Versus Donna was the sexiest women's fragrance ever, that there wasn't a guy it couldn't seduce and it must be handled carefully hence. I agree with you reviewers, definitely a sin to have perfumers discontinue this.In the 1990s i found it in Sofia...where I'm at now in Johannesburg this is unheard of.I SERIOUSLY cant figure out why the most precious and loved fragrances get discontinued.This legendary perfume from Versace brand was introduced on market in 1992 in a floral – oriental composition.It starts of with fruity cocktail of sweet raspberry, gourmand plum notes, spiced with nutmeg, along with aldehydes, sweet and fresh bergamot, orange, violet and green accords.

When I wear Vanitas, now, it reminds me about Versus Donna.Maybe cause of an inappropriate storage (the bottle was not sealed), maybe cause of the old age of the perfume, when I opened it I felt a slight rancid undercurrent which pervaded the whole scent... But I could recognize the wonderful notes I had yearned for so long, too, and this was enough to bring me back to the time I was a young woman, when I felt bold and sexy and "red", the time i was wearing V. My own perfume ran out that time and i couldn't go out without any fragrances on me. On my skin it turn up as vanilla, jasmine and little bit rose. According to my son I smelled like a vanilla ice cream. This is one of the best smell for long days of winter. I am waiting to have once again the bottle in my hand. I love this perfume from the moment I first smelt it, around 15 - 20 years ago. But, alas, I fell in love with the scent in an instant and gradually fell in love with him.Those were the most romantic days of my life and this perfume became my signature scent that time.Seductive tuberose dominates the heart, accompanied by milky – powdery sandalwood, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose.The base continues to develop in floral – woody – musk rhythm with iris, powdery vanilla, amber, musk, benzoin and cedar.

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:-( Please be awear ladies, there is alot of fakes around, especially on ebay.