Evolution education outreach online dating

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Evolution education outreach online dating

Back at CSUN, he put the fossil under his microscope and made the startling discovery: unfossilized, undecayed tissue was present.If the dinosaur were 65 million years old, the soft tissue could not have possibly remained, he says.He had published some 30 articles in scientific journals about his specialty.A graduate of Liberty University, Armitage adheres to the “young earth” view, against the majority of scientists who say our planet is 5 billion years old.He engaged students in his lab with Socratic dialogue over the issue of the earth’s age based on his and others’ research, he said.

According to Armitage, the beauty and complexity of diatoms lends credence to the idea they are a product of a Creator and not of spontaneous evolution.In a “smoking gun” email, university officials suggested they could ease Armitage out of his part-time position by making it full-time, Reinach said.A colleague described the process as a “witch hunt,” according to . The university alleged his firing was simply a restructuring of their biology department and not a case of religious discrimination.“If you kick out chance by showing incredible design, the structure of evolution starts to totter and it may crash.Because you cannot have design in a world that doesn’t have a Designer.

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Armitage’s complaint, and this voluntary settlement is not an indication of wrong-doing,” according to a CSUN statement published in .

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