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Do not stress, prostitution is legal and is not really the sleazy underbelly of Costa Rica.

It is a big part of the Costa Rican economy and is patronized by locals and foreigners alike.

It’s interesting to note that while there are only about 10,000 permanent residents of Jacó, on the weekends and during holiday seasons and special events, in particular, the population could swell by five times that number!

Party time During the day, most people lounge on the beach, soak up the sunshine, take a siesta to recover from the night before, or go zip lining, fishing, etc.

Jacó is safe if you exercise common sense and don’t act a fool.

Hang out with friends instead of walking around solo, don’t accept drinks from strangers, don’t walk down to the beach at night, don’t stumble around drunk, carry large amounts of cash, and leave that expensive camera and flashy jewelry in the hotel safe. Gambling For those who like to tempt lady luck, there are two great places to gamble in Jacó.

Do not worry nor feel awkward when asking for details since these girls are old-timers and feel comfortable discussing these things.

After you reach an agreement make sure that you stand by it and do not by any means try to hustle your way out of the agreed upon terms or you will get in trouble with the working girl’s buddies or the authorities.

No matter what you’re budget, you’ll have a great time partying in Jacó, but I will tell you that prices are, in general, much cheaper than in the U. Contact us for more advice on costs and how to have the best time within your means.While there are plenty of bars that operate during the day for you to get the party started early, Jacó completely transforms at night into one of the hottest party destinations in the world, showing its true devilish side.Some bars attract the early crowd starting around 9pm, a good portion of them get kicking at 10-11pm, and the clubs don’t fill up until 11 or later.When you drop by the Cocal on a Saturday night you will find yourself bedazzled with the many magnificent looking women crowding the pool area.You will definitely not just look but gawk at the beautiful, luscious working girls in different dresses and shoe sizes, a myriad of hair colors from blonde to brunette and everything in between, all breast-cup sized imaginable and all of them dressed to impress.

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Give us a shout for more information, and see you in Jacó!